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Read: Drake is that nigga. Here’s my attempted explanation at why. 

What artist can learn from Dave Chappelle

Read: Dave Chappelle is an intelligent guy. He fled Hollywood and left $50 mil behind for a life of peace in South Africa. Here’s what we can learn from that. 

Jay-Z and the Moonlight Theory

Read: And the winner of the 2016 best picture is…

Virunga And Sustainable Development

Read: In a nation with a history of civil war on a continent littered with exploitation, Virunga stands as a bright spot.

Runaway: Timeless Composition

Just hold on a little longer

The NFL is a bad girlfriend, Why You Should Move On To MLS

Read: I’m sorry, we should see other people. 

Bill Burr: Popularity through laughter and not giving a fuck.

This one is a ways away. 

Earl SweatShirt, Grief, and being depressed

Read:If I had to choose an artist whose music could have the theme songs to my depression, it’d be Earl Sweatshirt.

Pablo Picasso And Kanye West; Icons versus Normality

Read: How a visit to the Pablo Picasso museum in Barcelona, Spain, made me have a revelation about how I perceived the 2016 Kanye West album, “The Life Of Pablo”

Lofi, hi love. The coziest hubs on the internet.

 Read:I don’t know when they arrived, I don’t know how they arrived, but I, along with millions of others, are damn glad they’re here. 

Moroccan Souks And The Critique of Travel Blogs

Read: What does a Moroccan Souk feel like? And why are travel blogs so damn shallow?

Sad boys and Trap Music

Gonna have to wait on this one. 

J. Cole "KOD" First Impressions and Track by Track Review

Read:Mr. Jermaine Cole. Spoiler alert; It’s a good one. 

A Conversation: Kanye West and Van Lathan

Read: A conversation

Dear Donald Glover; An Icon Gone Viral

Read: A Letter.

Noname and Black Girlhood

 Read: What about the ladies? 

Bo Burnham: 'Make Happy' Two Years Later

For real though, are you happy?