Rapsody & Biking

A story for the young heads:


Look don’t worry ’bout anything they told you
Remember what she SAID about winter and what the cold do
Everything’s a season and some things you gotta go through
Believe me I don’ seen it all, you’re young talking to the old you
When haters come around look ’em down tell ’em “we don’t owe you”
You gon’ lose some friends but those circles are better than the ovals
A black man left the Oval
Keep that style you got soulful
The best of the best gon’ fear you
Sky’s the limit see, I told you
You gon’ be the difference between McDonald’s, Burger King and Whole Foods
Do your thang and slip thru on ’em they ain’t gon’ have no clue
You won’t need no toll booths, they’ll pay attention, Hov do
They’ll ask you for advice tell ’em the same thing I told you
Should be a crime to be this fly and awesome
And to think love is all it cost ’em
Feel like Jordan this the ball that Pippen tossed ’em
I’m the underdog and gold is what flossin’
When they told me my chances of losing was higher than divorces
You gotta know your worth and work ‘cause I can’t force ya
Growing up I shopped at KMart and Ross’, celebrated every win
And learned to learn from all my loses
I never signed paperwork without reading the clauses
My parents worked way too hard to not get no credit for it
I’m a trip like Grayson Allen
Y’all never made me VALID
I learn that from Phylicia and Debbie Allen
I’m the other one them another ones screaming like Khaled
We don’t match up, ask my stylist
I rock Nike and New Balance
I drink water by gallons, y’all should call me captain
I was told to be the flow and not follow it while y’all actin’
I’m the better version of what you used to think and call talent
I been bankin’, check my balance
You a bed away from Skidrow
I owe Sallie Mae but owe my people way mo’
God rested on the seventh day
And worked on me on day fo’
I’ve been killing for a long time
My lawyers got a caseload
Yeah my lawyers got a caseload
I cracked the code, it’s no longer safe for y’all
Kujo still the scariest of all the dogs
After that come all my dawgs
Talent level’s thru the walls
I’m the Juggernaut, riding wit my car doh’ locked
Coppers known to hang out on these kinda blocks
Don’t get shot
They say we 3/5ths human, well the rest of me’s an Autobot
I’m really hot
You should ask my team and dem
Jamla’s still the squad and my confidence is thru the roof
I appreciate the compliments
Laila’s Wisdom, rest in peace, I love you dear
Yo, we good over here, here (here)
We good over here here (here)
Yeah, we good over here here uh
If you wrote me a letter I’ll probably make it a kite
I’ll fly it in bad weather and pray it get struck by light’
Now, go read it again. Dig the girls vibe, hop on a bike, press play, do it for the culture, and go be a superhero.
The younger heads is looking at you.

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